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tiler Milton KeynesThe production of strong, durable ceramic floor and wall tiles became a popular form of decoration from the Middle ages onwards and today remains an often used mode of decoration in many modern homes and offices. Created with moulds and coloured using various glazes and powders this type of ornamentation offers endless possibilities to make a distinctive statement.

Designers produce tiles in an astounding collection of designs, including symmetrical patterns, figurative images of people, animals and mythical creatures and natural floral and traditional techniques.

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Hand made tiles can be used to create a singular, visual point in a wall, behind sinks and basins, add interest to stairs and alcoves or provide a beautiful talking point as a decorative flooring. Hand-made tiles are produced from an original porcelain blank, which is turned into a plaster mould. The soft earthenware clay is pressed into the mould to produce a raw tile that is then fired in the kiln and stained, coloured or painted with the desired effects. Once this is fired a second time in the kiln you have a hard and robust ceramic tile to adorn any kitchen, lounge or bathroom.

The colouring of ceramic tiles with glazes and oxides can give them a look that ranges from earthy tones to a metallic finish. Applying the glazes using different techniques can also produce an astounding number of looks. Whether you are looking to recreate a period house or make a modern fresh statement ceramic tiles can give you a wide range of decorative options to complete your home.

The combination of plain tiles, decorative or patterned tiles and mouldings and edging tiles can truly give a room an elegant and individual look which can range from cool blues in colour to fiery reds and oranges. Ceramic tiles are an ideal way to add something special to your home, whether used in the kitchen, bathroom or sitting room. They are a versatile form of decoration that brings an unusual impact to any environment.

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