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kitchen fitters milton keynes tilingMake an individual statement with your new fitted kitchen, it is possible these days as there are so many accessories, materials, styles and fixtures and fittings from which to choose.

Tilers of Natural Flooring

Stone flagstones or tiles cut and shaped, they can either be left rough and natural or polished and bevelled for a more elegant finish.

• Marble
• Sandstone
• Quartzite
• Travertine
• Limestone


Smart, polished worktops with curved edges, or highly finished hardwood surfaces that will add warmth and beauty to your kitchen.

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Fitter of Kitchen Units

There is a wide array of unit styles and functions you can select that will each add something individual and special to your kitchen layout. False doors on fridges and washing machines to disguise them, hidden towel rails and wine racks. Narrow basket vertical draws to utilise even the smallest of spaces and large roller assisted cabinets that make reaching the back of the cupboards possible.

All can are produced to a high quality finish in a wide range of styles and periods to suit whatever statement you wish to make.

Kitchen Fittings and Fixtures

The little things around the kitchen can make the greatest difference, switches, lighting rigs and lamps, handles and knobs all add that something special to the kitchen. Simple hand turned wooded door knobs or elaborate wire twisted handles can give cupboards and doors that finishing touch. Completing the look with quality edging and beading strips is an equally important task. These little additions are the things that will make your custom built kitchen stand out.

Kitchen Appliances

PMD Construction (MK) Limited can incorporate many different appliances, produced in lots of designs and styles, from the sturdy Aga ranges and solid American fridges to space age technology with a futuristic look. The kitchen has become a centre for entertaining as well once more and includes such things as drop down televisions, computer access and iPod stereo systems as much as cookers, fridges and sinks.

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