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tiler milton keynes Small natural stone or ceramic, mosaic tiles or tesserae can be used to create beautifully designed images and patterns that will give any room an individual appearance. Made popular in ancient Greek and Roman times, mosaic designs have over the centuries provided decoration for every surface and all types of building. From churches, palaces and stately homes they have given them an air of sophistication and style.

Mosaic tiles can be used to create decorative borders, geometric patterned images or representational pictures that enhance a room. Their multicoloured application to a Mediterranean style wet room or a genuine mosaic stone splash back; behind a kitchen sink, looks superb.

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Mosaic designs have been used over the centuries to add colour and meaning to spaces, there many different styles and periods that have used the little tiles to great effect. Pompeii villas depicted many scenes and asymmetric patterns, Byzantine architecture has lots of examples of mosaic work and eastern temples are full of geometric patterns and images.

Mosaic tesserae come in a great number of colours, textures and materials; we can create intricate and interesting designs in natural stone, glass, hand made ceramic or porcelain and even metal tiles. This incredibly varying array of materials can lead to many exciting and captivating wall and floor designs to enhance your home.

The little tiles either come as individually selected blocks; sticks of coloured rock or clay that are then cut to size or are mass produced in square sheets of plain or patterned tiles held together on a Hessian mat base. Which are then glued into the desired design and sealed with a grouting that protects the wall behind.

While small square tiles are what people normally associate with mosaic work, modern mass production techniques have enabled companies to manufacture a lot of differing products. Along with the traditional small square tiles you can also get small pebbles, symmetrical shapes, oblongs and lozenge tiles.

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