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Natural floor or wall tiles make for an elegant and stylish tiling solution, they are practical, hardwearing and timeless. Tiles made from natural materials such as limestone, travertine or marble have a proven track record of durability with archaeologists regularly uncovering complete floors that were laid thousands of years ago.

Used either internally or externally they make for a fashionable design option and can be used for colourful slate patios, functional sandstone kitchen floors or beautiful marble splash backs in bathrooms.

Natural stone tiles are produced in a wide variety of colours and effects and can be milled to produce decorative or bevelled edges and a surprising array of surface finishes.

Natural Tiles - Tiler Milton Keynes

Natural tiles are the result of various geological processes that lead to the production of many differing types of material ranging form jet-black marbles to pale creamy white sandstones, polished smooth or course surfaced. There are plenty of options on offer when selecting natural tiles.

Travertine – versatile and hard rock, they are formed when hot mineral loaded water surfaces and cools to form rocks.

Quartzite – pressure heated sandstone is melted and fused to create quartzite that ranges in colour from white to pink, and orange.

Marble – formed deep underground by the pressures exerted on limestone rocks to create a strong colourful surface, whether used as a rough surface or ground and polished to a high finish.

Sandstone – a course fine-grained, sedimentary stone comprised mainly of quartz particles that varies in colour between cream, red, grey and yellow.

Limestone – a sedimentary rock comprised mainly of calcite, used as a building material since the construction of the pyramids.

Slate – a very fine stone made from mudstone or clay minerals that have been subjected to high pressure and temperature below the earth’s surface. Slate forms in a variety of colours from purple and green to light and dark grey.

Natural tiles as classical flagstones or richly coloured kitchen work surfaces provide a unique and durable surface to work at or walk on, that will last for many years to come.

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